Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are only two weeks away from release, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming in. This time around, some images have surfaced that reveal new Galarian forms and brand new Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It would seem some of these Pokemon forms are proof that the “Affleck Leak” has struck again.

The Affleck Leak was a massive Pokemon Sword and Shield leak that first appeared on 4Chan. It spoiled several different things from new Pokemon, new forms, and some of the new mechanics that will appear in both Pokemon Sword and Shield. Like most unofficial leaks, the Affleck Leak was dismissed at first, but everything revealed from it so far has turned out to be true. So while these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, don’t be surprised if they turn out to be true later on down the line.

The Affleck Leak said Meowth would receive a new Galarian form that looked like a spiked ball of fur, and that’s what one of the images from this latest leak happens to be. In comparison to Meowth’s original sleek appearance, this version sports a lot more fluff. His trademark charm is also black instead of gold. The whiskers atop his head are bushy, black, and curled, and his eyes are bright yellow.

Perhaps the most notable Pokemon is the Galarian Farfetch'd, which seems to be darker version of the standard Farfetch'd, but complete with a bigger leek. Since Sirfetch'd is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, it stands to reason that this form is too.

The next image looks like a Galarian form of Phanpy, the small elephant pokemon. Unlike its original blue and red counterpart, this Phanpy is bronze and black, with the black forming patters all along its body. The remaining images showcase new Pokemon entirely. One looks like a new red and black fox pokemon and its resulting evolution. The last looks almost like a bipedal, purple baby dinosaur who’s bored out of its mind.

These leaks come from 4Chan, the same as the Affleck Leak, so there might be some truth behind them. But again, there’s no official confirmation backing any of them, so they shouldn’t be taken too seriously – yet. Speaking of leaks, if the leak for next Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct event turns out to be accurate, a confirmation on all of this should happen sooner than the game’s release, if only by two days.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

Source: Resetera