The end of Fortnite has arrived, with the entirety of the battle royale map being consumed by a black hole after a ton of spectacle involving rockets, meteors, and more. The End event has resulted in players sitting at a black hole when trying to boot the game, but they can play a Fortnite mini-game by entering the Konami Code. However, when one Twitch streamer tried to check out the black hole, he was treated to...a different 'black hole.'

It seems Grefg was browsing Twitter in search of videos of the event when he found one. Several videos of the event have appeared online, so for those who have yet to watch, check out Fortnite's The End event here (where it's safe). The video Grefg chose was unfortunately a troll, likely trying to seize the opportunity and ambiguity related to the event.

The video, which brave Fortnite fans can check out below, quickly diverts from the black hole of The End event displayed in the game to someone with their pants down, the black hole here being their posterior. NSFW WARNING: The video can be watched by clicking HERE, but it is clear, explicit, and incredibly NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

fortnite black hole numbers

Trolling aside, many have enjoyed the event and turned to making memes about it, some of which are actually safe for work. Others turned to looking at the various numbers related to the event, with fans quickly translating Fortnite's black hole numbers as "I was not alone. Others were outside the loop. This was not calculated. The nothing is now inevitable." What this exactly means is unclear.

Data miners were also at work during and after this event, with code being found suggesting that Fortnite will be operational again on Tuesday, October 15. Luckily, for those unwilling to wait that long to see what's coming, a trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked online shortly after the event. Epic Games is pulling videos of said trailer as quickly as it can, so fans of the popular battle royale game should check it out ASAP.

Fortnite is out now for mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.