The event that ends Fortnite as we know it has occurred. Welcome to The End. As scheduled, Epic Games' epic ending for Fortnite Season 10 went off at around 11:00 am PT. It started with a rocket launch, not unlike the Season 4 rocket event that many put down as Fortnite's explosion to success. Today's rocket launch resulted in an explosion of another variety. Today's rocket launch marked, quite literally, The End of Fortnite. And perhaps it also will go down as a new beginning.

The End of Fortnite started with a countdown. As the clock hit zero, players currently in-game turned toward the rocket silo which was known to be the mysterious Visitor's Dusty Depot base. A warning sign and siren above the rocket started blaring. Seconds later the warning increased in intensity, followed by the rocket launching in grandiose fashion. With a huge, fiery tail of smoke and flame the rocket flew into the sky, cracking it open and disappearing almost exactly like it originally did in Season 4. And then things got crazy.

The rocket began to reappear, cracking open the sky and flying a short path before disappearing into another crack in spacetime. But suddenly it wasn't the only rocket in the sky. Other rockets from other realities began to appear, filling the sky with glowing blue tails of light. Then, all at once, the rockets burst into a single crack in spacetime. Two new cracks then opened at the front and back of the infamous meteor, which had been frozen in time since the start of Season 10. The rockets surrounded the meteor with light, before it eventually unfroze and disappeared alongside the rockets into its own crack in spacetime.

For a brief moment, there's quiet. Then three things happen at once. First, a new crack appears way up in the sky. Second, players are thrown into the air where they'll float, watching what's happening. And third, it becomes clear that the Zero Point, the power orb that's been cracking all season, is finally exploding. Only, as the wave of energy begins to expand from the Zero Point's explosion, the meteor that the ships had gathered appears from the crack in the sky. It falls, directed by the rocketships, directly into the Zero Point's expanding explosion and the two together are erased on a flash of light.

In the wake of the meteor and Zero Point meeting, a vortex of massive proportions pulls everything into it. The players, the map, and everything else is gone. All that's left is a black screen, with a black hole in the center. And that's how Fortnite has remained since. The End of Fortnite has arrived.

Fortnite has ended, taking with it the entire game. Even the Epic Games Store appears to be down, but that's probably unintentional. There's clearly more to come for this event. The black hole is certain to lead to something new, but how long it will take is anyone's guess. An official Fortnite livestream is keeping track of the black hole's status. From time to time a burst of light is shown, along with some curious music. Fortnite has ended, but also Fortnite is about the begin anew.

Stay tuned for more information about what's next for Fortnite, whether it be a new map or otherwise, as it happens.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.