Just like the return of two old weapons, it appears Fortnite's next event has already been leaked, and it seems to center on a fan-favorite location on the map: Risky Reels. Unfortunately, the details aren't entirely clear as to what this new event will entail, but dataminers have uncovered a few key details.

First off, the event will have an effect on Risky Reels, which returned to the map with Fortnite Chapter 2, along with Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Retail Row. It is not an officially named location this time, though, but it is clearly the same familiar area, located just west of Frenzy Farm, and makes for a great map marker when trying to find Road Trip Challenges.

Dataminers Lucas7yoshi and HYPEX were clued in to Risky Reels' involvement in the upcoming event when they uncovered new assets for the location, which showed changes to the layout. However, that didn't really reveal much other than a change in the placement of the vehicles and the addition of construction trucks, as well as a change to the movie screen. Risky Reels isn't getting a makeover, but it is definitely going to be affected by whatever this new event is.

What's more interesting, though, is the event will involve a two-minute long video being shown on the movie theater screen at Risky Reels, which will stop playing on January 1st, 2020. Unfortunately, Lucas7yoshi could not actually find the video, so fans have been left to speculate. Some fans have suggested that it could just be a countdown to the New Year, which is probably the most likely possibility. As the in-game Marshmello concert from February 2019 proved, live events can be very successful for Fortnite. Whatever it is, it will clearly be a big event focused on ringing in the new year, with Risky Reels being at the center of it all.

Whatever the new event and year bring, many fans hope it doesn't mean Risky Reels will be disappearing at the end of it again. When the drive-in theater was first introduced in Fortnite Season 4, many players quickly fell in love with the place. However, it was crushed by The Block in Season 7. During its lifetime, Risky Reels played a few videos, the most notable being "Prepare for Collision," the winning entry in the Fortnite Blockbuster Contest in Season 5. Wreck-It Ralph would sometimes appear on the movie screen for a few seconds during Season 6, as part of the game's tie-in event to the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, a much smaller crossover compared to the current Fortnite x Star Wars event.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.