Fortnite Chapter 2 and the battle royale's eleventh season has begun. With the season's start, Epic Games has introduced a wide range of new custom skins, emotes, and more as part of its latest Battle Pass. But one of Fortnite's Battle Pass rewards has had players scratching their heads. At level 58 the Battle Pass rewards the rare emote Hula Hoopin', which has the player's character attempt to hula hoop before the hoop quickly drops to the ground. For a rare emote, some players feel like it's a bit of a disappointment.

The thing is, Hula Hoopin' has an awesome secret. Redditor Lootmaster06 posted on the main Fortnite battle royale subreddit a short video clip of what can rarely occur when using the Hula Hoopin' emote. As the emote's description "Practice makes perfect" implies, there's a chance that when using the Hula Hoopin' emote it will continue successfully, endlessly. The Hula Hoopin' emote is Fortnite's bottle flip, it's making a basketball shot while turned in the opposite direction, it's the ultimate insult to a downed opponent.

Since few if any have reached level 58 in Chapter 2's Battle Pass yet, no one's been able to experiment with the Hula Hoopin' emote to see how often the rare proc occurs. It does seem pretty rare, though, based on reports from those who have been messing around with the emote since the rare proc was discovered. It also sounds like the rare proc produces a different track of music, too. It's similar to the music that happens on a failed hoop attempt, but is a bit more joyful with more instruments playing along.

Players are already considering the opportunities for taking advantage of the Hula Hoopin' emote. A simple use like hoopin' after winning a match to see if it's a legendary win is a good example. Everyone in a squad taking turns hoopin' and the first to succeed getting a legendary weapon is even better. Playing Squad matches and using it after downing an opponent, and then letting them live if the hoopin' succeeds like you're Batman villain Two-Face is next level.

The Hula Hoopin' emote isn't the first Fortnite emote to have a rare chance of a different animation being played, of course. The Howl emote has a rare chance for the character to baa like a sheep. The Burpee emote has a chance of having the player simply burp. And there are several other emotes with similar rare animations. Hula Hoopin', since its rare animation is actually a successful state rather than something odd, will hopefully prove a popular selection among players.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.