Fortnite has been making huge waves ever since the launch of its second chapter, which introduced a brand new map, the ability to carry fallen allies, play against bots, and even hide within select objects. Given that Epic Games has introduced so many new features in such a small amount of time, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that at least one high-profile glitch has found its way into the mix, too: one Fortnite fan has discovered a way to launch themselves from a dumpster high into the sky as a puff of smoke.

This week, a Redditor named Bigdog-475 uploaded a video of himself performing the glitch on the official Fortnite subreddit. It revealed that jumping into a dumpster can cause players to get launched high into orbit, with their character models replaced by a puff of smoke. The views are spectacular, but if one wants to get back down they need to return to human form, where Newton's law of universal gravity remains: what goes up, must come down. Unfortunately for players who encounter the glitch, landing from such heights still triggers fall damage. This glitch is a one-way trip, unless you happen to know a new trick to avoid Fortnite fall damage.

Fans have taken to calling the glitch 'the dementor glitch', alluding to the smoky creatures from Harry Potter which move as puffs of smoke and feed off of human happiness. Given that players who unassumingly launch themselves into the sky as a puff of smoke won't be too happy about being downed when they land in human form, the dementor glitch seems like a fairly apt name. For its part, an Epic Games spokesperson appeared in the Reddit thread to confirm that a report regarding the glitch has been filed, so fans can expect the dementor  glitch to disappear in the near future.

For those entering chapter two for the first time, there's a golden opportunity for an easy Victory Royale when entering the new world, assuming that one doesn't accidentally launch themselves from a garbage bin while playing solo. Of course, garbage bins aren't the only new object that gamers can hide in to get the drop on enemies, as the second chapter has also introduced suspicious-looking hay bales, too. Hiding in these objects is a requirement for those hoping to complete the Open Water Mission, so there's no telling how many players have accidentally found themselves launched into the sky courtesy of an unassuming rubbish bin so far.

Source: Reddit