Following the news that Fortnite will soon add bots to the game, developer Epic Games has decided to use the latest announcement on their official website to explain a little more on what the bots will be doing. This comes alongside other information on other upcoming updates like the new matchmaking system and the extension of Season 10.

With nearly ten seasons down, the decision by Epic Games to make bots, AI controlled players, for Fortnite arose from the need for a place for players to hone their skills in a game that hardly resembles its original release. This is especially apparent when placing new players up against long-time veterans, and Epic Games is introducing bots as a result of their hopes to draw in new players without them dropping after dying in the first ten seconds for a month.

According to the announcement, bots will release with a number of limitations, most of which seem to be geared towards making them easier for new players to face off against, such as not being able to drive vehicles or pull of higher level techniques such as 90s (a building technique for building higher towers at faster speeds). Although, Epic Games did mention that they are looking to see how far they can push their bots, so expert level players can look forward to practicing against more complex opponents in the future. Even with these limitations, when bot matches launch, there will still be the threat of other players, since a "vs bot" mode is still being looked into for a future update, but won't be implemented immediately.

Interactions with bots will also be limited to shooting at and being shot by. If a player is killed by a bot, instead of spectating the bot that killed them, which is the standard for when a player is killed by another player, they will instead spectate another player in the match. Additionally, there will be no way to team up with bots, and Epic Games made no attempt to allude at the option being included in the future, meaning players are only intended to play with each other.

Adding bots so late into a game like Fortnite is a bit strange, and seems to go against the spirit of dropping 100 players into a map and letting them duke it out until one player emerges victorious. However, this is exactly the kind of thing that new players need in order to hone their skills, as long as they do eventually make the transition from bot games to player games at some point.

Fortnite is available for free on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games Website