Fortnite Chapter 2, the 11th season of the battle royale, is going to be running for a while longer than players may have expected. Epic Games recently confirmed that Chapter 2 will now be extended all the way through February 2020. This is due in part to Epic's routing plans for a 14-day holiday event, but hopefully the team is getting some holiday rest, too. To assuage Fortnite player worries, Epic promised new features and rewards in Chapter 2's second half. And, according to a new leak, there are at least two more big surprises being planned.

Dataminer Hypex dropped some reveals on their Twitter account Wednesday morning, stating with confidence that Epic Games is bringing back two previously vaulted Fortnite weapons. The first weapon is the Heavy Assault Rifle, which funnily enough was vaulted quite recently. Despite only being vaulted since mid-October, Epic is apparently bringing it back. Weapon number two is the Scoped Assault Rifle, another rifle vaulted with patch 11.0.

Why Epic originally vaulted both the Heavy Assault Rifle and the Scoped Assault Rifle may remain a mystery, but it's clearly confident that both weapons deserve to return. According to the leak, Epic's already figured out which rarities to assign the two weapons, as well as which stats each weapon should have. The Scoped Assault Rifle will be available as both an uncommon and rare, while the Heavy Assault Rifle will be available as both an epic and legendary. More rarities could be included by the time the two weapons are released.

As for their stats, the Scoped Assault Rifle doesn't appear to have been changed whatsoever. Epic Games is bringing them back the same as prior. The Heavy Assault Rifle is akin to its prior uncommon and rare rarities, but with scaled up player damage to fit their epic and legendary rarities. That damage will be 44 and 46 to players, respectively.

There's obviously much more planned for Fortnite Chapter 2 in the second half of the season, especially since it's being extended to February. These two weapons returning from the vault are just one example of the plans Epic certainly has. Hypex is teasing some of these plans, including some holiday skins, the return of snow grenades, and Fortnite's map once again being snowed over. That is likely just the start.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.