The end has finally come to Fortnite, with the entirety of the game and map seemingly seized by a Black Hole. This follows Fortnite's End event which began with a countdown to zero, a nearly identical rocket launch to season 4, rockets from other realities appeared to create giant cracks in space-time, the meteor unfroze and disappeared into its own space-time crack, and the Zero point explodes. All of this comes together to create the Black Hole that has swalloewing everything, leaving many-a-player on the above screen.

However, Fortnite players do not have to remain stuck on this screen, as there is a cheat code that will put players into a small little mini-game to help while away the time. It can be entered either from the lobby of the black hole screen and takes the form of the Konami Code (enterable via D-Pad on consoles): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B/X, A/O, and Start/Enter.

This will initiate a game identical to Space Invaders where players pilot a pizza and fend off an onslaughter by Durr Burger, which is spitting lethal pineapples at the player. There's a high score on the left side of the game, but it doesn't appear that beating that score unlocks anything or changes anything about Fortnite, at least not yet anyway. The result of this Black Hole will likely be one of two things (or a combination thereof): Fortnite Season 11 on a brand new map or Fortnite Chapter 2, a brand new approach.

Many think it'll carry on as usual with Season 11 following Season X, just on a brand new map, but some think there's a bit extra to it. In other words, Fortnite Chapter 2 would also bring back a brand new map, but also include a ton of new additions to the game to make it remarkably distinct from the original instead of just a map change. It could be that these terms are also being used interchangeably because they are effectively one and the same, and that Fortnite's changes will be seen through these lenses.

Either way, players shouldn't have to wait long before they find out what's next for Fortnite, and this stunt alone may seriously help with Fortnite's decreasing viewership. If players are determined to see this Black Hole through the end, they can play some Space Invaders to help pass the time.

Fortnite is out now for mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: WWG