Fornite has added yet another patch update and with it comes the new Harpoon Gun. In what seems to be a recent trend for Fortnite, the patch released early Tuesday morning and was issued without any additional notes on the item. Players discovered the harpoon while in-game and have had to discover its actual use via gameplay.

Essentially, the Harpoon Gun acts as an advanced fishing poll. When Fortnite Chapter 2 patches and upgrades launched, it revealed the latest item, the Fishing Pole, that encouraged players to take a moment and explore the surrounding lakes. Now that the Harpoon Gun has entered the scene, players can fish much faster, from further away, and while on speeding boats.

Apart from data miners and gamers discovering the Harpoon Gun, no official announcements have been made about the item. This makes the secret item release an even more interesting move after a notable drop in player participation and a recent ban on a professional player. These somewhat sporadic moves from Epic hasn't encouraged many fans to find favor with the most well-known Battle Royale.

However, despite all the controversy, players are still uncovering all the uses of the new Harpoon Gun. For instance, the gun can be used to launch directly into a school of fish and pull out specialty items or a variety of fish themselves like the Legendary Mythic Goldfish. This trophy-like fish can be found after completing a series of challenges and has a 6-star gold Legendary rating. Needless to say, the Mythic Goldfish can deal some serious damage.

The Harpoon Gun can also be used to deal damage. Aiming at opponents will deal at least 75 damage. However, be aware that the Harpoon Gun will also drag opponents closer to the shooter, so it's best to keep any close-ranged weapons like a shotgun if attacking with the Harpoon Gun.

Before gamers try it, no, the Harpoon Gun can not be used as a grappling gun. Players will be able to grapple teammates and drag them to their location, but the Harpoon Gun can not be used to launch the player from one location to the other.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is out now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.