A group of former Game Informer employees announced that they are now working together on a new project called MinnMax. The MinnMax team is made up of several Game Informer editors and writers who lost their jobs back in August as parent company, the video game retailer GameStop, began a restructuring process to try and fix its finances.

In a video posted last week, former Game Informer video producer Ben Hanson said that MinnMax would be a place for friends who enjoy games to talk about those games, together. MinnMax is a "place to love games, friends, and getting better," says the YouTube description, which also confirms that the project will be made up of videos and podcasts. Taking part in these videos and podcasts or other former Game Informer employees such as former senior associate editors Kyle Hilliard and Jeff Marchifava, and former associate editor Suriel Vazquez.

MinnMax is being supported by Patreon backers and it seems that many are happy to pledge money towards the project. In the four days since the MinnMax video was posted to YouTube, the Patreon is at 1,444 Patrons who are pledging $7,834. There are tiers from $2, which will provide the Patron with access to the MinnMax Discord, up to $500, which will allow the Patron to play an online game with a MinnMax contributor for an hour, once a month.

A Patreon of nearly $8,000 a month is good going, but the MinnMax team is aiming to be making $13,000 a month so that it can move from the basement recording studio to a "real" studio recording space. The team is more than halfway past its goal and has vocal support from many fans of GameStop and Game Informer who have been sad to see GameStop fall so hard.

One YouTube comment, posted by a user named DylanCisGood4Me, said that they got "goosebumps" when Hanson said that "Corporations can fall apart but communities don’t have to." Several others said that while they were saddened by the Game Informer layoffs, they are "excited" to see where MinnMax goes and what podcasts and videos the team puts together.

Things look uncertain for GameStop, which has tried to give its retail stores a new look as a way to get more customers in. However, many will be happy to see MinnMax and the support of the community as the one good thing to come out of the retailer's financial difficulties and the layoffs at the company.