35 year old Ann Perugia from South Dayton, Florida has been arrested after she dislocated her son's jaw when he wouldn't stop playing Fortnite. The incident occurred around 5pm on Wednesday, October 23. Perugia reportedly told her son to stop playing Fortnite and take a shower. The 10 year old boy told police he "forgot" to do so. 10 minutes later, Perugia asked her son if he had taken a shower yet, and he said "no."

According to a police report obtained by WFLA, Perugia's son then attempted to go to the bathroom and she angrily followed him. Perugia's son said that they were both in the bathroom when his mother punched him in the face, dislocated his jaw. Police also discovered scratches on Perugia's son that they believe were caused by his mother.

Perugia then called her son's father to pick him up. The father, a man named Brian Butler, arrived at the home to find his son standing outside with a bag of clothes. Perugia reportedly told Butler to take their son and leave.

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Perugia's explanation of the events is that she let her son playing Fortnite Chapter 2 with his friends when he got home from school. She said that her son told her "no" when she asked him to get in the shower. When she followed him into the bathroom, she said that she asked "what his attitude was for" and he said, "I hate you and you don't do anything for me." Perugia did not admit to police that she punched her son. She is being charged with aggravated child abuse with physical injury. Her son, meanwhile, is staying with his aunt for the time being as Butler does not have full custody.

Fortnite battle royale is one of the world's most popular video games right now, especially with kids. Many parents around the world have likely had to argue with their kids to stop playing Fortnite, though thankfully most of those situations do not escalate to these extremes.

There have been some cases where alleged Fortnite addiction has been a serious problem for kids, with parents having to go as far as to send their children to rehab. However, this situation does not appear to be a case of Fortnite addiction issues, but rather an argument between a mother and son that went way too far.

Source: CBS17