It looks like there are Terminators everywhere in the gaming world at the moment. There have been Terminators appearing in games like Mortal Kombat 11, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Gears 5 to build up hype for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate movie which is set to launch on November 1. However, the franchise is also getting its own game next month called Terminator: Resistance, which is a first-person shooter developed in the Unreal engine.

As previously shown in the announcement trailer, Terminator: Resistance is set in the future war 30 years after Judgement Day as portrayed in the Terminator films. Players will be able to take part in the resistance against the machines to defeat SkyNet’s defenses and save humanity. The game will also feature some light RPG elements like looting, crafting, and skill upgrades. According to the game's official Steam page, players can either enjoy it as a guns-blazing FPS or just take it slow and stealthy. Now, the developers have released a 30-minute gameplay trailer for Terminator: Resistance which lets players see some of the gameplay mechanics in action and decide whether the game is interesting enough for them or not.

The gameplay does look promising because of Unreal Engine 4; however, there are still a few things that might bother fans of the franchise. First of all, the game is developed by Teyon, the same studio that created Rambo: The Video Game which didn’t do well at all. Second, the gameplay footage does not show anything new or unique, and it looks to be a bit generic and outdated; however, it remains to be seen how the game actually plays when it comes out.

This is not the first time the Terminator franchise will be getting its own game. There have been several Terminator games released on a bunch of different platforms including, but not limited to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox, PlayStation 2, NES, etc. However, none of the games in the series have stood out enough to become a classic like the first two movies, maybe Terminator: Resistance will change all of that. Only time will tell how it fares when both the players and the critics get their hands on the game.

Terminator: Resistance will launch on December 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.