Square Enix is getting into the Halloween spirit, today revealing a new, spooky screenshot for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The screenshot depicts a familiar area from Final Fantasy 7 named the Train Graveyard, as well as one of the enemy types that make the area its home. Introducing Final Fantasy 7 Remake's upgraded take on the classic JRPG's Ghost enemies. Spooky or not, these are certainly the best-looking ghosts the Final Fantasy franchise has ever featured.

Final Fantasy 7 players may recall the Ghost enemies, which were balloon-shaped and white with clawed red hands in the original game. Square Enix has done its due diligence recreating the enemy for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, retaining the enemy's balloon shape, trailing tail, loose sleeves, and grasping claws. The three holes that make up the Ghost's facial features are also true to the original monster. It's an impressively authentic update to a design from 1997.

The Ghost has clearly received some improvements to its design, as well. Instead of a smooth balloon-like surface, the new ghost has a rippled, textured surface that evokes paper mache and rib cages. Stitching lines its shoulders, waist, and arms, as if the sheet is hiding something dark within. And instead of red hands, the Ghosts claws are black. They seem more like bird or dinosaur talons than fingers with sharp attachments. These ghosts don't look quite so silly anymore.

Exactly who Final Fantasy 7 and its remake's Ghosts are supposed to be is never explained. The Train Graveyard is an area all but empty of living beings, filled instead with wreckage from what had to once be an active train yard. The Train Graveyard is located next to the Sector 7 slums, perhaps implying that the train yard was abandoned due to lack of funding. But the presence of these Ghosts implies a more violent end somewhere in Midgar's not-so-distant past.

While Square Enix's intent with the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshot is likely just to have some fun and celebrate the holiday, it does do more than that. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in many ways strikingly different than its predecessor, both in visuals and in tone. This screenshot is a nice reminder that, at its heart, Final Fantasy 7 Remake remains true its predecessor. The Train Graveyard and its goofy Ghost enemies could easily have been skipped over or completely redesigned. But Square Enix decided to keep them both, which is a particularly nice Halloween treat.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases March 3, 2020 for PS4.