The upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake is drawing closer to its launch date, and with excitement mounting, Square Enix has recently released a short trailer that focuses exclusively on the game's protagonist, Cloud Strife. In addition to the close look at Cloud, Square Enix also released several Final Fantasy 7 wallpapers and avatars that fans can get their hands on for free.

Quite a bit of information about the new FF7 has made the rounds recently, including the fact that a part 2 for the game is already in development. The latest trailer, however, serves as a handy primer for fans both new and old looking to get a sense of the game's updated main character.

As one of Final Fantasy's most popular characters, Cloud Strife is the focus of the trailer. The trailer itself doesn't offer much in the way of details--instead, it's mainly a compilation of cinematic cuts and action gameplay that features Cloud, along with a quote presumably from the mouth of the mercenary-for-hire himself: "What's done is done." The new wallpapers and avatars from Square Enix also have a Cloud Strife theme; there is a pack of four avatars and one avatar available on the Square Enix website.

Potentially even more exciting are the implications of this character spotlight; since Square Enix released a mini-trailer for Cloud, it's possible they'll do something similar for all of Final Fantasy 7's major characters. At the very least, it's apparent by looking at the Square Enix website that at least three other well-known characters will get wallpapers and avatar packs released. Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, and Aerith Gainsborough are all listed next to Cloud with 'coming soon' placeholders under their names; perhaps when these characters' wallpapers and avatars are released, they'll come with a mini-trailer showing off some gameplay moves too. If not that, fans will still see something else, since the months leading up to a release are a prime time for companies to put out promotional content.

Fans only have a little over three months to wait until Final Fantasy 7 arrives, with an unknown number of game episodes to follow (each as long as a regular game). Plus, Square Enix has already confirmed that later parts won't take as long to release, so fans shouldn't have to get too impatient.

Final Fantasy 7 launches on March 3, 2020, for the PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter