Around the time Final Fantasy 7 Remake was first announced, Co-director Nomura claimed that the game showcased too early. Fast forward four years later to today, and Nomura claims the development team is already working on Part 2 of the game when Part 1 hasn’t even shipped out yet. In other words, it now sounds like Remake's development is ahead of schedule.

This coming when Co-director Kitase stated back in June that the team was struggling to figure out how to handle the rest of the game beyond Part 1. In a new blog post from Square Enix, however, it looks like the team managed to map out a plan for what happens after Part 1’s release.

The post also reads that Nomura stated Part 1 was so huge that he had to give directions to his team members to downsize some of the content. Whether or not this helped get Part 2 underway is unknown, but it does put into perspective just how big the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project is as a whole. Nomura had to walk back his comments regarding the addition of new characters to deal with the scope of it. There still won't be any new main characters, but there will be plenty of side ones. Back in the June interview, Kitase also stated that Part 1 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be limited to Midgar just because of how much the team could do with that section of the story.

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The way the development team plans to limit Part 1 makes sense, considering how vast the original Final Fantasy 7 game is in terms of assets and content. It’s so big that one of the reasons Square Enix held back on remaking it until now stemmed from the number of reimgs the game would eat away from other projects the company wanted to push. With this in mind, the term "limit" is only used here for lack of better word since every part of Remake will expand on the original story and be the size of a full game (Final Fantasy 13 was used as a comparison).

Whether or not Part 2 will be bigger than Part 1 is still up in the air, but the fact that the team is already working on it says good things about Part 1 status. It looks like fans won’t have to worry about any delays in Part 1’s release — hopefully.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Square Enix Blog