Square Enix is confirming the final details for Final Fantasy 7 Remake's physical editions, including all physical and digital content to be included alongside the game's launch in March 2020. The announcement details what fans need to buy in order to get a Steelbook or soundtrack, for instance. But perhaps the most interesting, and controversial, aspect of the reveal is the confirmation that three different in-game summons will be given out as part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's pre-orders and collector's editions.

The three different summons included as digital content are Carbuncle, Cactuar, and a Chocobo Chick, which are all new summons for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Details about the individual summons, like how useful they'll be in battle or if they're more for fun or are cosmetic, are unclear. The Chocobo Chick summon is given with any edition of Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a pre-order bonus. Cactuar and Carbuncle are given out as part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe and 1st Class physical editions, respectively.

What also isn't clear is whether the summons will be available in any other form throughout the game. That is, it isn't clear if pre-orders or physical editions are the only way to earn these summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It's possible that they're simply providing early access to the summons - possible, but unlikely. The fine print also acknowledges that, like in the original game, the ability to use Summon Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is earned partway through the game.

By all accounts, the original summons for Final Fantasy 7 will still be included in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and won't be split off as premium DLC. It's just these three new summons that are being offered as bonuses, summons that have been made specifically for the new game. Regardless of whether they're new content or not, however, Final Fantasy 7 Remake players aren't likely to be happy not having access to several summons.

final fantasy 7 1st class edition

Summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake will work differently than summons in Final Fantasy 7. If a summon's materia is slotted going into a battle, it can be pulled into the fight once certain mid-battle requirements have been met. The summon will then battle alongside the player, with the player controlling its abilities. Only two summons for Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been shown so far in action, those being Ifrit and Shiva.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases March 3, 2020 on PS4.