New skins for Overwatch characters drop so often, it sometimes gets hard to remember what these characters originally looked like after new costumes get passed from fan artist to fan artist and go through every step of the meme cycle. In that vein, dozens of fans have used their own creativity to create their own concepts for how to dress up the whole Overwatch gang, from festive themes to epic crossovers.

One fan in particular has taken to Reddit and DeviantArt to showcase some concept art for an epic crossover between Overwatch and Marvel's Avengers offering brand new skins for the characters to dress up in, just in time for Overwatch's Halloween event. With the new Avengers game coming to consoles soon, an artist who goes by the name Devygone has recreated a number of Overwatch characters as many of the main cast of the Avengers series.

The main characters to note see Pharah, Torbjorn, and Brigitte take on the role of the Avengers's big three: Pharah as Iron Man, Torbjorn as Thor, and Brigitte as Captain America, complete with vibranium shield and Mjolnir to prove she's worthy. Other variants appear in the original post, with fans on Reddit chiming in to name their favorites as well as the crossovers they hope to see from the artist in the future. One that Devygone responded to involved possibly making a Hulk skin for Winston, a clear omission that was originally going to be in the post, but was apparently lost before the finished picture could be created.

overwatch characters as avengers

This isn't actually the first time that Devygone has crossed Overwatch with the cast of The Avengers. An earlier concept involved one of the game's most popular characters, Tracer, as Captain Marvel, complete with golden mohawk. Needless to say, with such a large cast in both the MCU and decades of comic history, as well as Overwatch's ever-growing roster, there is little limit to the connections between the two franchises. This goes so far that Overwatch characters could even fit in crossover games like Super Smash Bros.

Given that Halloween is coming up, it's an interesting time to show these skins. It's unlikely that any of these rank as the Overwatch's characters favorite Halloween costumes, but it didn't prevent further speculation. It's the concepts that weren't shown that sparked the most discussion: Winston as Hulk, Reaper as Red Skull, or Soldier 76 as Punisher.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch port coming on October 15th.

Source: Reddit