While most fans are currently preoccupied with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, grinding out its quests, and getting a glimpse of where Destiny’s story is going, other fans are pouring their love of the franchise into more creative endeavors, as one fan discovered recently.

Reddit user gameaddiction64 was at a local renaissance fair recently, which, for those who don’t know, is an event where people come together to recreate a usually historic setting like medieval Europe. As such, it’s common to see people dressed as knights and blacksmiths from centuries past, which means these fairs tend to have their fair share of swords both real and fake.

Usually these swords maintain the medieval theme, but it’s not uncommon for more geek-friendly blades to make their way to renaissance fairs, as gameaddiction64 discovered. To the delight of fans on the Destiny 2 subreddit, they found three impressive recreations of swords from the first Destiny mixed in with more traditional blades.

The swords in question are Raze Lighter, Dark Drinker, and Bolt Caster, the first Exotic swords players were able to get their hands on back when swords were first introduced to Destiny in 2015’s Taken King expansion. Faithfully recreated, the versions gameaddiction64 found ooze with a remarkable amount of detail from pommel to blade tip. They are very clearly Raze Lighter, Dark Drinker, and Bolt Caster, yet, funny enough, the tags on the swords, when zoomed up on, explicitly state that they’re not. To be fair, that’s technically true, since they’re just recreations, but those tags aren’t fooling anyone.

This is far from the first time sword-fancying gamers have taken it upon themselves to bring these fictional swords into the real world. Several Destiny fans have found ways to recreate their favorite weapons throughout the years, usually through 3D printing, but back in 2016, some fans took it up a notch by actually forging a life-sized replica of Raze Lighter that could be used as an actual weapon (though we think it goes without saying that people shouldn't do that).

Swords have kind of fallen in popularity these days. Since they’re categorized as power weapons in Destiny 2, players aren’t able to use them as frequently as they did during Destiny’s latter half. Even so, there are plenty of powerful swords in Destiny 2 for players who would rather put down their guns and keep the action up close and personal.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Destiny 2 will also be available for Google Stadia when the platform launches on November 19.

Source: Reddit