With the Wastelanders update underway for Fallout 76, Bethesda decided to share some new screenshots (and accompanying information) for fans to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wastelanders is the massive update promised by Bethesda which adds NPCs, content that continues the main story questline, and plenty of new gear and weapons. Despite Fallout 76's rough start, Bethesda is continuing to plan updates that will improve players' experience with the multiplayer game.

The new Fallout 76 screenshots offer a sneak peek at some of the locations and characters coming in the Wastelanders update. "This year, we’re grateful for all of you who continue to play Fallout 76, provide your feedback, and share in our awesome community," Bethesda wrote. "In the spirit of sharing, we thought it might be a fun surprise to bring a few new Wastelanders screenshots to the table for you to dig into over the holiday weekend." There are five screenshots in total, capturing scenery from across Appalachia.

Cultist Ruin

This first screenshot teases a group of cultists (their motives currently unknown) who have secretly moved into Appalachia; players will no doubt discover what they're up to after the Wastelanders update.

Raider Camp

Raiders are peppered across the Wasteland, and this is one such raider settlement that players will need to empty out.

Wagota Underground

This screenshot depicts the Watoga Underground, a self-automated parking garage that players can explore.

Spruce Knob

Here's a cave that'll be placed underneath Spruce Knob; it's a hub for Foundation settlers to hunker down and continue plans to rebuild their little corner of Appalachia.

Mort the ghoul

Finally, the fifth screenshot is a familiar face for Fallout 76 fans: Mort, a ghoul who lives at The Wayward (an inn close to Vault 76). He also appeared in the last round of screenshots that Bethesda released.

Fallout 76 fans can also expect a steady stream of preview material leading up to Wastelanders' release, according to Bethesda. "In the new year, we’re looking to share some previews of upcoming Wastelanders content with you, so that you can get a better idea of what to expect when humans return to Appalachia," Bethesda added. This means getting to glimpse more of the characters being added to the game--so that players can choose from actual dialogue options with NPCs, as in single-player titles--and the different areas that will pop up on the improved Fallout 76 map. To that end, Bethesda is planning some more screenshot drops, and will also be going into detail about "new systems and other improvements" that'll come with the update.

There's been some tension surrounding Fallout 76 after its Fallout 1st subscription service went over poorly with many fans, so perhaps the influx of Wastelanders content will excite players once again. Wastelanders was delayed into 2020, but at least Bethesda is already showing off some of the changes it'll bring.

Fallout 76 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda