It's well into October now, the world is quickly getting darker and spookier, and it seems that Fallout 76 is getting in on the action. Coming off the heels of the recent Project Clean Appalachia event, Bethesda has planned a brand new Halloween event to keep players engaged.

Players will have a week of average Fallout 76 gameplay after the Project Clean Appalachia event ends on October 23rd, before the Mischief Night Seasonal Event begins on October 29th. Until then, players can still hunt down Scorched in droves as they continue to clean up the West Virginian wasteland.

The Mischief Night Seasonal Event will center around a friendly little eyebot by the name of JES-2R who will task players with creating mischief and mayhem throughout Whitespring, adding to the list of upgraded and updated areas within Fallout 76. Players will be able to play pranks on the local security forces by blowing up cars, forking lawns, and plastering walls with graffiti. Although, it isn't all fun and games between players and the Whitespring Elite Security Force, so anyone looking to visit the Mischief Pyre should come armed and ready for the sticks in the mud that will try ruining all the fun.

If players are able to please the mischief making JES-2R throughout the week-long event, they'll unlock specially themed items and costumes to add to Fallout 76's growing collection of equipment from throughout the game. The more tasks players accomplish the more they'll be rewarded, since wearing the Halloween themed gear gives bonuses to EXP gains during the event. For any players looking to join in, the event will be coming with Patch 14 and Mischief Night will take the form of an hourly public event that players can fast travel to for free to participate every hour on the hour.

Fallout 76 has been working desperately to undo the bad blood from the shaky launch back in 2018. With updates coming regularly and an emphasis on community feedback through both a new public test server and feedback events, the team at Bethesda are doing what they can to make good on the promises of Fallout 76. This has clearly worked to a degree, seeing as how since the beginning of October, players have killed 21 million Scorched as part of the Project Clean Appalachia event that is still currently running. Bethesda is clearly looking to bring in as much player engagement as it can with these constant events, and it would seem that players are appreciating the attention.

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Bethesda Official Website