Players have been asking for a number of quality of life improvements to Fallout 76 since its release, aside from the bug fixes and general improvements made since launch. Today those prayers have been answered in the form of a $100 subscription fee.

Fallout 76 has had a bit of a love/hate relationship with gamers. Though many were having problems and swearing off the game forever, others were devoting enormous amounts of time mapping every item in Fallout 76. As excited as players were to hear of the new changes, the announcement of everything sitting behind a paywall has earned the company a fair amount of backlash.

What many open world games such as Ark: Survival Evolved or Conan: Exiles offer perks like private worlds or unlimited storage for free, Bethesda has decided to charge $12.99 a month or a full year for $99.99. Twitter has been overrun with memes and outraged comments about the announcement.

Reddit as well has been a constant stream of negative feedback. Some players accuse the company of not just making a mistake, but outright lying to their player base claiming that in previous patch notes it was mentioned it was unable to increase stash size due to potentially overloading the servers, but now with Fallout 1st it can offer unlimited storage. Others feel that the Wastelanders update was delayed, not out of a need to polish it as previously stated, but to encourage players to purchase the subscription service in the meantime.

Bethesda was finally starting to regain public trust and goodwill again after the infamous launch. After multiple bug fixes and issues addressed with each new patch, many gamers who previously refused to touch the game were looking to give it a shot, asking if Fallout 76 is good now. The answer had previously been a solid maybe. Though the bug fixes were helpful in maintaining the stability of the game, Bethesda also added in a microtransaction store. Many players balked then at the addition of requesting more money after selling the game with a hefty price tag. Now Bethesda is asking again for players to spend money in order to attain some benefits that many believe should’ve always been a part of the game.

It was believed that the Wastelanders DLC could revive the game, but now it’s difficult to say exactly how this all will go over in the long run. Though immediate response has been negative, there will no doubt be those willing to put down the money in order to run a private world with their friends or enjoy the storage space for their crafting components.

In the end, games are a business, and the company has to do what is in its best interest profit-wise so it can continue to make new games. The success or failure of the subscription service will only be discovered with time and how many gamers pony up the dough.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Twitter, Reddit