Fortnite games developer Epic Games has hit a leaker with a lawsuit after said individual revealed information about the game’s Chapter 2 event. Epic is seeking damages because the leaker violated an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and gave copious details about Fortnite Chapter 2.

Ronald Sykes is facing the lawsuit from Epic Games in North Carolina that claims he violated a contract and caused damages to the developer. Sykes previously worked as a tester for Fortnite on the Season 11 content. As is proper procedure, Sykes signed an NDA but soon after violated the contract.

Through several different Twitter accounts Sykes revealed details about Fortnite Chapter 2 including that players would be able to swim. He took things a step further by posting an early look at the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map, which gave the Battle Royale game a completely new look.

With the litigation only just starting, there aren’t many details about what type of damages Sykes could face if found guilty. The lawsuit only says that the amount is to be determined.

Given how much money Fortnite makes and continues to make on a regular basis, it is in Epic Games’ best interest to protect its property. Leaks are very common for Fortnite but they are also damaging in a way that is hard to quantify.

Knowing about Chapter 2 ahead of time doesn’t necessarily ruin excitement or make Epic Games lose money (at a glance), but it does impact the element of surprise. And it’s that element of surprise that Fortnite has going for it when compared to so many games. Just look at how much media attention Epic Games garnered by simply turning the game off for two days.

Whether or not this lawsuit will discourage future leakers from revealing early information, Epic Games is still trying to send a message. In the case of Sykes, he violated a contract, but other Fortnite leaks come from datamining the game files, which is a violation in its own right. Some social media accounts and websites have been shut down for sharing leaks, but they did not face the same type of punishments that Sykes faces.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is available right now.

Source: Polygon