Happy Halloween gamers, from the folks at Epic Games. This week, the Epic Games Store revealed what the next pair of free games they were offering to users would be for October, which include a horror game to celebrate the upcoming spooky holiday.

The Epic Games Store has become a major player in the PC world against Steam and has served as an inspiration for many publishers to create their own private launcher. It has its flaws, but one of the best features of the Epic Games Store is giving users two free games a month for players to download and keep forever. Epic has previously included such great games as Celeste, Inside, and Abz├╝ in its free game program.

On October 24th, Epic store users will be able to download Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition  and Q.U.B.E 2 for free. These are two cult hit indie games that are free to players who have the Epic Store downloaded on their machine.

Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team who has since gone on to make cyberpunk adventure game Observer and this year's Blair Witch game. The story follows a painter who is going mad and throughout the game the world begins to shift apart. It is a linear game where the space is constantly shifting on players, causing unexpected paths and many a jump scare. A sequel, Layers of Fear 2, came out earlier this year and improved upon many of the aspects of the original.

The other game, Q.U.B.E 2, is a sequel to the indie puzzle game Q.U.B.E and is very much not a horror game. This first-person puzzle game takes a more narrative approach to the genre and is probably most comparable to games like The Witness and The Talos Principle. Both Q.U.B.E and its sequel are developed by UK based game studio Toxic Games.

As the competition heats up between the Epic Games Store and Steam, more developers than ever are choosing Epic for their PC exclusivity. Between offering free games and having an increasing number of Epic Games Store exclusives, it is not surprising that more users are latching on to the service. However, its move to increase the developer share of game profits are where it really has a leg up over Steam and other PC launchers.