Earlier today, video game publisher Electronic Arts issued a random tweet that simply stated, "Games," with the random comma and all. It seems to have been some type of mistake, as the idea clearly wasn't fully composed or any indication given as to what it actually meant, but that didn't stop EA's followers from seizing the chance.

In reply, several followers used the chance to give the gaming company a good, light-hearted roast. This ranged from random users who couldn't pass it up to major game developers like God of War director Cory Barlog and ex-BioWare dev Aaryn Flynn responding in kind. Barlog took the chance to praise games and state they are the reason to get up in the morning, whereas Flynn made a tongue-in-cheek remark concerning the Oxford Comma. Interestingly enough, the official EA Access account even joined on the fun, highlighting grammar and spelling concerns while also referencing Star Wars. Screenshots of some replies have been capture in case the Tweet were to be deleted.

ea games,

ea flynn barlog

ea access tweet

Other twitter users mocked the mistake, referencing the infamous "surprise mechanics" line, that the rest of the Tweet was locked behind DLC, stated they were waiting for patches to fix the Tweet, and of course, there was the obligatory cry for Skate 4. In approximately 3 hours, this Tweet has received 3.7K likes and 467 retweets, where most users are likely having their own fun with the tweet as well.

ea dlc tweet

ea dlc tweet

Whatever the case behind the Tweet, it was definitely a moment where the gaming community came together for a little fun. Between this light roasting and occasional EA memes, it's definitely a way to kill time prior to upcoming releases such as Need for Speed Heat and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The latter is the first major Star Wars game to release for some time, so there's a lot of hope that it'll live up to its big predecessors and not repeat mistakes of the past. As such, it's good to note that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber combat feels right in line, if not better, with/than those of the past. It'll keep lightsabers powerful across all difficulties, not likely soon to be forgotten, much unlike this mysterious, yet hilarious EA tweet.

Source: Twitter - EA