Periodically, Wizards of the Coast will make new, unofficial Dungeons & Dragons content available via Unearthed Arcana documents, released on a fairly regular basis to test among players as a possible addition to official Dungeons & Dragons lore. In the most recent Unearthed Arcana update, three new subclasses have been made available for playtesting: one each for rogues, wizards, and fighters.

This isn't the only notable class supplement to come from the Unearthed Arcana recently, and Wizards of the Coast is still taking surveys for its class feature variants playtest material. Players can also incorporate those into their games, on top of the new subclasses.

Interestingly, all of the new subclasses have a "psychic" theme in their names and available subclass abilities. First up in the Unearthed Arcana is a new martial archetype for fighters, the Psychic Warrior; these fighters wield mental power as both a weapon and shield, and "augment their physical might with psychically infused weapon strikes, telekinetic lashes, and barriers of mental force."

The new roguish archetype is a Soulknife, who gains powerful psionic abilities in addition to the standard rogue fare, and they "channel this reservoir of inner magic into tangible blades of psychic energy, striking at their victims’ minds." The wizards' new arcane tradition is Psionics, and wizards who hone their magical abilities by way of their own minds can "transcend their physical bodies, adopting forms of pure thought, casting spells psionically to bypass the need for components, and perceiving the world with a broader range of senses."

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Each subclass has some fascinating abilities to come with it, which players should certainly enjoy experimenting with. Psychic Warriors gain a couple of magical abilities of their own, as well as the change to deal some decent telekinetic damage on top of the physical damage that fighters are well-known for; they also get some defense abilities that extend not only to themselves but to nearby allies. Soulknife rogues are able to communicate telepathically, increase their hit point maximum and increase their speed through psionics, as well as create a psychic blade with the ability to terrify and rend apart enemies. Psionic wizards, meanwhile, can actually transform themselves into being of pure psionic energy for a brief time and cast spells psionically (that is, without verbal, somatic or material components).

If these subclasses should make it into the official D&D imgbooks, they'll definitely add a unique flair to all three of the affected classes—even wizards, although the Unearthed Arcana document recommends players select spells that suit the Psionic subclass. As for rogues and fighters, it's always interesting to add some mystical abilities to martially-focused classed; especially fighters, as the class has gained a reputation for being rather basic in its classic form.

As of right now, players can bring these subclasses into their Dungeons & Dragons campaign—keeping in mind that none of it is official material yet.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons