Earlier this year saw the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, a spin-off to Square Enix's other popular JRPG series that replaces the turn-based battles with something more akin to Minecraft. Despite this arguably bizarre hybrid, it received favorable to positive reviews from critics and sold 1.1 million copies worldwide only a month after release. With it only being on PS4 and Switch, though, PC players may have felt left out, but Square Enix look set to rectify that with a release on Steam.

The PC port already has a release date confirmed for early next month and will see the game in its entirety being sold for the price of $59.99. The game will also come with all of the DLC that was part of the console version's Season Pass, such as the Hotto Stuff Pack, Modernist Pack, Aquarium Pack, Designer's Sunglasses, Legendary Builder Outfit, and Dragonlord's Throne. Anyone who purchases the game before January 6th will gain access to even more extra content - a Medicinal Herb Decoration recipe, Dragon Quest Logo Decoration recipe, Chimaera Wing Decoration recipe, Sigil Blocks recipes, Lo-Res Luminary recipes, and the Legendary Line Art recipe.

While the game boasts a single-player story mode, players have the freedom to build all manner of things with the materials and tools provided and their own imagination, as well as the option to share their creations with others. For example, one player spent 150 hours recreating the overworld map from A Link to the Past in-game.

Budding new players who may be anxious about throwing themselves into the deep end can check out a list of tips for beginners to make the start of their adventure a lot more comfortable, such as learning how to make settlements able to defend themselves and shortcuts that make building quicker and easier.

Those after a more traditional RPG experience, however, can look towards the original three Dragon Quest titles that were released on Switch last month. While arguably dated, long-time fans will enjoy revisiting these classics and those who enjoyed the most recent entry, Dragon Quest XI, may get a kick out of seeing how the series began.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release on Steam on December 10th. It's currently available on PS4 and Switch.

Source: Eurogamer