While Dragon Age 4 's release date may still be far off, the first game's anniversary just passed, as BioWare noted on Twitter. The developer of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series made sure to publicly announce this on Twitter, revealing an upcoming anniversary celebration in December.

Dragon Age 4 is indeed in the works, as noted by BioWare general manager Casey Hudson a while back in an update to fans. Regardless, the 10th anniversary of Dragon Age: Origins was November 3 and the series' decade-long existence is set to be celebrated by the franchise's community come December 4th.

"Today marks 10 years of Dragon Age!" starts BioWare's tweet. The company goes on to mention it will enthusiastically join the "community's party on December 4th" in celebration of the series' inception 10 years ago. "See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!" the tweet concludes.

BioWare's tweet is specifically in reference to an unofficial fan website that has announced the community's celebration of the Dragon Age series. The website clarifies that BioWare is not officially affiliated with the celebration. Further, fans are encouraged to submit artwork and similar expressions of fandom in celebration of the series.

Many will find it endearing to see a group passionately celebrating one of gaming's biggest franchises developed by one of gaming's leading developers. Furthermore, many may find it interesting that BioWare is joining in on this. Given Dragon Age 4 was one of the big games missing from E3 2019, it could be that BioWare will, at the very least, discuss it during the series' celebration.

However, recent departures have been a bit telling about the nature of the development of Dragon Age 4. This would include lead Dragon Age writer David Gaider who left the company to form his own studio. It can only be hoped that these exits are simply developers wanting to branch out and not that there are any problems within the studio. Regardless, Dragon Age fans can only wish for any piece of information about the series' fourth entry come the celebration's date of December 4.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development for unspecified platforms.

Source(s): Dragon Age Day website, Twitter (via ComicBook)