At this point, fans of BioWare's Dragon Age series are practically foaming at the mouth for even a shred of information about the mysterious Dragon Age 4 title that is definitely in the works (in some capacity, anyway). Despite many hints, blog posts, and a short teaser trailer, there's no official release window or any other information out there about the game.

For the moment, that hasn't changed; BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah hasn't let loose anything about Dragon Age that fans didn't already know--but he's certainly dropping hints that it might happen in the near future. Darrah's followers are used to him teasing Dragon Age 4 or even trolling over Twitter, but that doesn't stop the ensuing excitement that maybe something is finally happening.

Darrah's Twitter hint started simply: he just tweeted out the words "Dragon Age", quickly followed by another tweet reading "Our marketing partner is so mad at me right now". That was enough to get Dragon Age's Twitter fans excited, and Darrah even followed up with a photo of a screen portraying some sort of snowy environment (possibly a look inside the game?) and another picture of what looks like concept art. Those tweets alone provide plenty for Dragon Age fans to speculate over, but Darah wasn't finished with his hints.

After those tweets, Darrah followed up by remarking on how his two little words had caused such a stir, and even wrote, "What is going to be in the news tomorrow?!" Of course, that could just be his musing on all the stories that news outlets would publish due to his prior tweets, but his tweets did still hint that he'd "promised' or "implied" that something more was coming.

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving, it seems unlikely that anything will be announced from BioWare or EA at that time. And while Darrah's intentions for tweeting his cryptic hints and art remain unknown, Dragon Age fans might want to keep an eye on his Twitter page in the coming days--or even BioWare's. Nobody knows what he's talking about for now, but soon (during the December 4 Dragon Age celebration, perhaps?) they might.

Source: Twitter