Professional wrestling and video games have always had a similar audience of fans, and it seems like the WWE is interested in further testing how much it can capitalize on that. Yesterday during its WWE SmackDown preview, the hosts had a guest appearance. Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect showed up with a message for viewers that insinuates this won't be the last time he shows up in the WWE.

During the WWE SmackDown "Live Friday Night SmackDown Preview," the two hosts were interrupted as Dr DisRespect walked behind them unannounced. After one of the hosts said his name questioningly, Dr Disrespect responded, "Yeah, the two-time video game champion!" When asked what he was doing there, Dr Disrespect, in an exaggerated sort of aggression, rasped, "I'm looking for someone," before walking off.

The hosts were appropriately bewildered by Dr Disrespect's appearance and asked each other who the man might be looking for. They also noted how intimidatingly tall Dr Disrespect was, further hinting that Dr Disrespect may be part of a larger story that, at least for appearance's sake, might insinuate a place in the ring for the Twitch streamer.

Despite his early appearance at SmackDown, Dr Disrespect didn't otherwise participate in the event. It proceeded normally with no other Twitch streamer related cameos or teasers. The question as to who Dr Disrespect was looking for remains a mystery. Some have speculated he was looking for New Day's Xavier Woods, if only because Woods has closes ties to the video game industry through his gaming-focused Youtube channel. Others have joked that it was real and that Dr Disrespect was confused, maybe looking for his wife who had their tickets.

The WWE and professional wrestling in general often have cameos from celebrities. Big celebrities will get callouts at ringside; for example, Kevin Smith was put on camera recently. And, no disrespect intended, smaller celebrities will make an appearance during a pre-show. Sometimes they build into more meaningful events within the WWE, but more often than not, they're just for fun. Dr Disrespect may have simply been in attendance at Friday night's WWE SmackDown and was offered an opportunity to have a little fun.

If Dr Disrespect ends up having a larger role to play within the WWE, expect to hear more information soon.