Blizzcon 2019 has just begun, but Blizzard has already revealed a lot of new information on Diablo 4. After an amazing cinematic trailer for Diablo 4, more was revealed about the title's gameplay, including the addition of PvP zones.

Diablo 4 has been subject to a number of leaks with the lead-up to Blizzcon. Not all of the leaks are confirmed, but Blizzard has revealed the first official bits on information on the new title. Blizzard revealed the new villain, as well as multiple gameplay elements in a Diablo 4 gameplay trailer, including how player vs player battles will work.

Kicking off Blizzcon 2019's opening ceremony was the official announcement for Diablo 4. While a lot of leaks for Diablo 4 came out in the weeks before Blizzcon, only some of this information has been confirmed. Diablo 4 will have a new villain called Lilith, and Blizzard explained a bit more about how the gameplay will work for this new title. This includes the first three classes for Diablo 4, and more.

Those in Diablo 4 will be able explore the new, giant map at their pace, and they can find other players roaming around. They can team up with one another, or even fight. Blizzard announced that there will be dedicated PvP zones for players to duke it out. Thankfully, players cannot grief one another on the field outright, and they can only fight in these dedicated zones. Those that want to just join up with other people won't need to worry about higher-leveled trolls coming in and ruining a run.

The Diablo series is no stranger to PvP, as it has been a mechanic in the games since Diablo 2. However, PvP was not available for Diablo 3 at launch. While Blizzard did not confirm that PvP will be in Diablo 4 right at launch, their decision to talk about it immediately after the initial announcement is promising. Diablo 4 feels like it's looking to redeem itself after the divisive Diablo 3.

Even with this announcement, though, some fans are concerned. Some fear that Blizzard's recent business decisions will affect Diablo 4 negatively, requiring players to invest in microtransactions to survive. Diablo 4 will have online elements, and microtransactions can ruin the balance of a PvP mode. However, until more is revealed, it is hard to tell how Blizzard will handle this new Diablo title.

Diablo 4 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.