Diablo 4 is looking to be the biggest game in the franchise yet. And what's more appropriate for a huge new game than the addition of a new gameplay feature to increase a player's traveling speed? During BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard debuted the first gameplay footage from Diablo 4, confirming that the game will feature mounts. Mounts being, for example, a horse that can help the player travel short or long distances at a faster pace than just walking.

Blizzard was understandably tight-lipped about mounts in Diablo 4, though it did reveal some very exciting details. For one, mounts are customizable in Diablo 4, a feature not even World of Warcraft's mounts offers. Players can apparently change their mounts saddle, their armor, or even their horseshoes. This mount gear can also improve a mount's defense or even abilities, though Blizzard doesn't expound on exactly what a mount is capable of.

It's also interesting to note that Blizzard is using the term mount and not horse. It means that Diablo 4 players will likely be able to discover and collect a variety of mounts. Blizzard even mentioned having demon horses or "faceless mounts."A crew of four different players, each riding a different type of mount, each mount having a different ability, would make for an exciting new gameplay dynamic. It would also provide another thing for players to hunt for and loot, which is certainly something Diablo 4 players would want if only to show it off.

One final aspect confirmed by Blizzard regarding Diablo 4's mounts is that each class will have a unique "dismount ability." In other words,  players will be able to charge into battle on their mount and then use their dismount skill to go straight into combat. Abilities that have been shown include a linear ice blast from the Sorceress and then a leap with a ground slam from the Barbarian. It seems that the abilities are intended to help set the player up into the fighting position they want to be in at combat's start.

diablo 4 mount gameplay

While customization and the list of interesting mount-related features are definitely going to be broken down by excited Diablo 4 fans, it's important to acknowledge the reason for the mounts in the first place. Diablo 4 is reportedly going to have an open-world structure and fast travel is going to be important. Waypoints will certainly be as helpful as ever, but mounts will help cover travel between waypoints. No one wants to spend too much time traveling while they could be looting.

Diablo 4 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.