Of all the major announcements from Blizzcon 2019Diablo got maybe the most love of all. Blizzard gave in depth details of what the three revealed classes will play like. Abilities and talent trees for the Sorceress, the Barbarian, and now the Druid were shown off and that is a mighty fine amount of new info for Diablo fans to take in.

The Druid class makes its glorious return after not being included in Diablo 3 or any of its DLC. The class was originally introduced in Diablo 2's expansion Lord of Destruction.

The Diablo 4 gameplay trailer focused on giving players a small taste of what the three currently announced classes are all about. The Druid is a shape-shifting character whose attacks will change based on its form as it switches between bear, werewolf, and human. Skilled at both melee and magic, effective at close and long range, the Druid has the most variety of any of the characters yet shown. Here are all the abilities and skill trees available to the Druid in Diablo 4. 

Basic Attacks

Earthspike: Strike the earth and impale the first enemy hit. Odds of dealing a Crushing Blow to that target is increased with each successful hit.

Shred: Shapeshift into a werewolf and attack an enemy. Has a chance to strike twice.

Storm Strike: Electrifies equipped weapon, dealing damage to the targets and nearby enemies.

Maul: Shapeshift into a werebear and maul an enemy while increasing defense.

Wind Shear: Conjure a piercing blade of wind. Increased movement speed by a few seconds.

druid campfire

Spirit Attacks

Pulverize: Shapeshift into a werebear and slam the ground, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies. (shown)

Landslide: Crush enemies between pillars of earth. Has an additional chance to deal a Crushing Blow.

Tornado: Conjure a vortex that moves outward and curves in a random direction, dealing damage for several seconds.

Defensive Abilities

Cyclone Armor: Summon powerful winds to decrease ranged damage taken.

Earthen Bulwark: Summon rocks to absorb some damage. When the ability expires the rocks shatter, dealing damage equivalent to the remaining shield health to nearby enemies.

Trample: Rush forward as a werebear, dealing damage and stunning enemies for a short time.

Debilitating Roar: Shapeshift into a werebear and reduce the attack speed of nearby enemies for a few seconds.

Ravenous Bite: Shapeshift into a werewolf and tear at an enemy’s flesh, dealing damage and healing the character.

Wrath Abilities

Hurricane: Summon a hurricane that deals damage to nearby enemies over time.

Boulder: Unearth a large rolling boulder that knocks back and crushes enemies dealing damage with each hit. Has an additional chance to deal a Crushing Blow.

Companion Skills

Wolves: Passive skill that summons wolf companions that bite enemies.

Ravens: Passive skill that summons ravens to periodically attack enemies and inflicts Vulnerability for a few seconds.

Vine Creeper: A passive skill that summons a vine creeper to periodically emerge from the ground and poison nearby enemies.

Ultimate Abilities

Cataclysm: Summon a cataclysmic storm. Tornadoes knock back enemies, and lightning strikes wildly for massive damage.

Grizzly Rage: Shapeshift into a werebear for a few seconds. Grants new werebear skills and generates spirit faster.

Petrify: Petrify all nearby enemies, stunning them for a few seconds. Damage breaks this effect and deals an additional amount of damage.

diablo 4 gameplay trailer druid werebear transformation

Talent Tree

Abundance: Basic skills generate more spirit.

Ancestral Fortitude: Increase non-physical resistances (elemental etc.)

Call of the Wild: Critical strike chance is increased against wolves’ target. Raven passive attacks make enemies vulnerable.

Earthbind: Earth skills have a chance to immobilize enemies for a few seconds.

Earthen Might: Enemies hit by Earth skills take increased damage from Earth skills for a few seconds.

Elemental Exposure: Targets hit by Spirit skills become Vulnerable for a percentage of damage dealt.

Endless Tempest: Increase the duration of the Hurricane and Cataclysm.

Eye of the Storm: Critical strikes with Storm skills increase the critical strike chance of non-Storm skills.

Feral Spirit: Critical strike damage is increased for a time after using a shapeshifting skill.

Fury of Nature: Enemies hit by Earth and Storm skills have a chance to take increased critical strike damage.

Heightened Senses: Damage reduction against nearby enemies is increased.

Hunt the Weak: Critical strike chance is increased against poisoned enemies while in a shapeshifting form.

Iron Hide: While in werebear form, damage reduction is increased. This bonus persists for several seconds after leaving werebear form.

Lupine Swiftness: While in werewolf form, movement speed is increased. This bonus persists for a few seconds after leaving werewolf form.

Natural Balance: Earth and Storm skills that consume Spirit restore life.

Natural Resonance: Earth and Storm skills deal increased damage.

Overpower: Adds a chance on hit to knock down slowed enemies.

Predatory Instincts: Deal increased damage to nearby enemies.

Primal Resonance: Earth skills deal increased Crushing Blow damage.

Perfect Storm: Storm skills deal increased damage to Vulnerable targets.

Rabid Strikes: Werewolf skills poison targets for a percentage of damage over a few seconds.

Scent of Blood: Deal increased damage to crowd controlled enemies.

Storm and Claw: While Hurricane or Cataclysm are active, shapeshifting skills deal additional damage as lightning.

Undergrowth: Increases the duration of crowd control effects.

Quickshift: After shapeshifting into a different form, the next skill performed deals increased damage.

Diablo 4 is currently in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer