With the new Vex Offensive available in Destiny 2, players have some fresh, challenging content to engage in. The trouble for most is gaining access, which requires completing Vex invasions. Actually finding them has been img of confusion for players since they became available this week.

But fear not, Guardians, there are other Destiny 2 players who have been on the case and have shared what they know online. This has helped pinpoint how to find and participate in Vex invasions. First things first, everyone should head to Ikora Rey at the Tower before anything else to pick up the Eyes On The Moon quest, a Vex-related to-do list that involves killing a bunch of the creatures. Everything needed to finish the quest can be done through Vex invasions, so kill two birds with one stone.

destiny 2 shadowkeep fireteam

Once that is done, it's off to the Moon to find Vex invasions. They can be spotted easily by the strange lightning storms that appear in the sky from time to time, but this doesn't happen as often and as obviously as many would like. According to folks on Reddit, however, Guardians merely need to patiently wait after each public event on the Moon, where a Vex invasion will follow shortly after. Of course, this requires finding a public event, which could mean a lot of waiting if one isn't readily available. Once one is found, help fellow Guardians finish it and then sit tight until a Vex invasion begins. Take down the Vex, and eventually the Gate Lord that spawns, and this will complete the requirements for the quest, providing access to the Vex Offensive.

It should be noted that players will need the new Season of the Undying to get into the Vex Offensive, which is available to those with either the Shadowkeep expansion or the season pass. Guardians with access, who have completed the quest above, can jump in and begin slaughtering the Vex in droves. Beyond the satisfaction of utterly destroying these time-altering nuisances, there are fabulous rewards in the Vex Offensive to earn. Specifically, four new weapons exclusive to the mode.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit