As part of the weekly update, Bungie launched the legendary Nightmare Hunts for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep players. This newest difficulty starts at power level 950 and features six modifiers to further increase the challenge. However, the added content has also unlocked a new Essence quest for players to chase as well.

The Essence of Servitude legendary quest can be found through a variety of methods on the Moon such as finishing lost sectors, opening treasure chests and more. This quest requires 15 Fusion Rifle kills, 100 Vex defeated on the Moon, and recovering an artifact known as Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath. Keep in mind that item needed to complete this quest is actually difference from the Horned Wreath quest item required for the Essence of Vanity.

The first two quest steps are straight forward enough, especially with Vex Invasions happening on a regular basis around Destiny 2's new Moon destination. However, recovering the artifact could pose a bit of a challenge. Here's where to find it.

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Finding The Catacombs

Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath is hidden deep within a location known as The Catacombs, an dark area underground where the Hive cryptoglyph was recovered during the Shadowkeep campaign. The first place to go is Sorrow's Harbor in the northern part of the Moon, then immediately start running towards the path that leads back to the Hellmouth. However, instead of leaving this zone, hug the rightside wall until a path leading down is found. If done correctly, players should be inside of the gatehouse, which eventually leads down into the Circle of Bones.

After arriving in the Circle of Bones, head to the right side and look for a large lantern on the wall. Run past the lantern along the path and hug the railing overlooking the pit until another hole in the wall is found on the right side wall. This path leads to the Catacombs and as long as the Essence of Servitude is active in the player's inventory, a marker will appear to show the exact location. Thankfully, the artifact is in the first main chamber, though it is guarded by a yellow-bar Wizard named Malura, the Fated.

The Dream Breaker

Once all three objectives have been completed and the Lecturn of Enchantment has been visited, players will earn the Dream Breaker fusion rifle. It's an adaptive frame solar weapon that has high impact and a unique firing sound compared to other weapons in its class. It's currently unknown how this rifle fits into the Fusion Rifle meta with mainstays like Jotunn or Loaded Question, but this weapon will no doubt help players who are working through the Season 8 Iron Banner quest line for fusion rifle kills.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.