Players who want to earn Undying title in Destiny 2 need to act somewhat quickly because the opportunity to earn the title will go away at the end of Season 8. Developer Bungie explained today in its weekly blog that it is viewing titles a little differently moving forward into the game's third year as opposed to how titles worked in Year 2. That is, the season-specific title for Season of the Undying is tied directly to the activities and events of the season and can only be completed within the season itself.

Back in Year 2 and the Forsaken expansion when titles were first introduced to Destiny 2, titles were a specific achievement that could be completed throughout Year 2. Each addition of the Annual Pass such as Black Armory and Season of Opulence introduced additional titles that were also persistent including some of which still are available to do even in Year 3.

But the time-sensitivity of the Undying title (and the other titles that will come with subsequent seasons) is that many of the triumphs attached to the title that players have to complete must be done so in the Vex Offensive activity. For those who may not know, Vex Offensive is going to be retired at the end of Season 8 and will not be an activity that will be playable in Season 9 and beyond.

A lot of that has to do with Bungie's vision for creating an evolving world in Destiny 2 that will change over time and having special moments that players had to be there to see and take part in. And that means that parts of the game will come and go as the seasons change. According to Bungie community manager Cozmo, at some point "during Season 8, a new situation will unfold on the Moon. Over the course of the season, the situation will be resolved and some of the related activities will go away as Season 9’s conflict arrives."

Cozmo may be referring to the Vex gate that Ikora is building in the Tower right now and how that will lead to the Final Assualt phase of the Vex Offensive. Final Assault is expected to let players take on the Undying Mind and stop the Vex's invasion of the Moon, which moves the game towards Season 9. And in the middle of that, the Undying title will need to be completed before Season 9 starts on December 9th.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Bungie