Earlier this week, Destiny 2's newest dungeon, The Pit of Heresy, went live and players soon conquered its challenges. But a curious bug seems to be affecting players, which is causing players to instantly die as they traverse different sections of the subterranean Moon dungeon. Interestingly, it appears that this glitch is only affecting PC players. Thankfully, some players seem to have figured out a pretty surefire way to avoid these accidental deaths.

This tip is not only helpful for completing the dungeon in general but especially for those Destiny 2 players who are trying to get the Eternal Heretic and Savior of the Deep Triumphs, which require players to conquer the dungeon without dying as a team and playing it solo, respectively. These Triumphs are required for the Harbinger title, so there are dedicated players who especially do not want to experience accidental deaths.

The solution seems to be capping the frame rate and resolution on PC. Content creator Gigz said that locking the game's framerate on PC to 30 FPS while traversing through the Pit zone of the dungeon kept the deaths from happening. Jumping onto the conversation on Twitter, content creator TeaWrex and Bungie employee Andrew Hopps both said that locking the framerate to 30 FPS as well as lowering the resolution to 1920 or lower worked to avoid deaths from the glitch.

There have been issues due to Destiny 2's higher framerate on PC before, including the exotic One Thousand Voices getting double the damage with higher framerates. And with the fix looking to involve locking down the framerate and resolution down to console-like levels, it is very likely that the issue with this dungeon is in fact wrapped up with the PC's higher framerate.

Outside of this issue, The Pit of Heresy dungeon has been generally well-received by players for its design and challenge that it presents. The same cannot be said for the new Xenophage exotic machinegun, which players are considering pretty underwhelming for an exotic; however, Bungie did say this week that the exotic is not working properly, causing less damage than intended. This one issue seems to be the only one that has cropped up for the dungeon itself on PC, and hopefully, this trick will fix it.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Gigz