Technically speaking, it's been a rough week for Bungie and its popular online shooter, Destiny 2. A few days earlier, the both Destiny games were offline for about 15 hours, one of the longest unplanned downtime in franchise history. Since that time, players have discovered a number of interesting glitches including one that instantly gives heavy ammo to players.

The original idea comes from the Destiny 2 subreddit and a user named shootthechickenb, which was then later reported by the YouTuber CheeseForever. To get started, players will need to equip a special or heavy finisher mod that spawns the ammo when a finisher is performed on an enemy. Keep in mind that this also is supposed to consume a small portion of the player's super energy.

To perform the move, players need to get the enemy down to low health in order to prepare the finisher animation by placing the round symbol over their head and cause them glow. Next, make sure to have enough super energy and stand just outside normal melee range. Press the melee button, and then a fraction of a second later, input the melee finisher command. If done correctly, the enemy will teleport to the player and die without using super energy and dropping the ammo brick.

Essentially, this trick is what is known as a cancel in the fighting game community. The player is interrupting the melee animation by canceling the move and replacing it with the finisher animation instead. The timing can get a little tricky, so players should practice at the Tribute Hall.

Clearly, this isn't intended behavior so players should expect Bungie to move on this as soon as they can. The list of unintended behaviors appears to be getting longer however as players discovered another glitch involving melee attacks that lets them punch most bosses off of maps. In fact, players have used this glitch on major enemies like the Undying Mind, Insurrection Prime, Zulmak from the Pit of Heresy, and more.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit