Destiny 2 recently got an interesting addition in the form of the Leviathan’s Breath, a slow-firing Exotic bow capable of taking out most enemies in PvE and PvP with a single shot. The general consensus among players seems to be that the Leviathan’s Breath is a very powerful weapon, but it is held back by a very tiny ammo count. However, there is a way around that.

Being a power weapon, the Leviathan’s Breath is already much more limited ammo-wise than most bows, but limiting things further is the fact that a brick of heavy ammo only gives it two shots, making it more like a rocket launcher in how the game expects players to use it. Since this is not how most players like to use bows, though, they are remedying this by turning to one of Destiny 2’s oldest exploits.

The exploit involves the Wardcliff Coil, a rocket launcher that fires multiple small rockets with each shot. Way back in 2017, players discovered that the game counts each shot from the weapon as multiple shots of other types of power ammo, so it’s possible to grab a heavy ammo brick with the Wardcliff Coil equipped, switch to another power weapon, and find that weapon now has most or all of its total ammunition. This works for getting the Leviathan’s Breath’s maximum of ten shots all at once, but as Reddit user ExplodingHippo2016 discovered, the way the bow interacts with heavy ammo is strange in its own way.

Their findings involve a fair amount of number-crunching to gauge how heavy ammo transfers between weapons, but the gist of it is that the Wardcliff Coil isn’t the only weapon that can provide the Leviathan’s Breath with full ammo. According to them, any power weapon can pull off the exploit so long as the ammo count it gains from a heavy ammo crate is higher than the bow’s maximum capacity. Stranger still, this applies even if the previous weapon is used first, and in some cases it’s possible to use up as much as much as 55% of a weapon’s ammo without reducing the shots available to the bow.

Through further experimentation, ExplodingHippo2016 found that it’s also possible to get full ammo for the Leviathan’s Breath from stray bricks of heavy ammo through a combination of the Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher and a melee finisher mod that causes enemies to drop heavy bricks, on top of the Wardcliff Coil trick. While they say it doesn’t work in Crucible, it does apparently work in Gambit modes, which they fear could “royally mess up the ammo economy.” If no one sees the potential problem there, just imagine a skilled invading player with up to ten potential one-shot kills to unload on four unsuspecting opponents.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Google Stadia version to follow on November 19.

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