In Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 introduced Armor 2.0, which gives players more freedom than ever to build their characters exactly how they want them by selecting the perks they want on their armor via Armor 2.0 mods. There are tons available in the game now, but there has not been a reliable way to know which ones players have and are still missing.

But a Destiny 2 fan has put together a new section of his site to help players know exactly that. A new beta section of now displays mods, and if players authorize this third-party application to access their Destiny information via, it will show which mods a particular player already has. This allows players to track missing mods that they might want.

The creator of the site, Josh Hunt, acknowledges directly on the new mods page of that it is in beta right now because the page has been untested and not all the mods that appear on the page, which is pulling the information from Destiny's API connected to the game's item database. The page is also not yet showing the elemental affinity of each mod. Chances are the majority of the mods listed on the page are in the game somewhere because it is pulling it directly from the game's API. But with the fact that not every item in the database is actually in the game, it's good to remember just in case there are a handful of mods that players just can't seem to find.

What players can see already though is if a mod is being sold by the Gunsmith, as a Mod Component symbol will appear in the top right corner of the mod's icon. The page also makes it very clear which mods come via unlocks on the seasonal artifact, The Gate Lord's Eye, by coloring them blue with a purple border. These mods in particular will be retired at the end of Season 8 when the artifact itself is also disabled and replaced by a new artifact for Season 9.

This new mods page just another great feature from Hunt and, which we have highlighted here before for its utility in tracking items in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Destiny Sets (via Reddit)