Guardians who played Destiny 2 during the Black Armory expansion will be intimately familiar with Le Monarque and Jotunn - two unique exotics that debuted during the Season of the Forge. Previously, these two exotics were tied to RNG when completing certain forges, meaning players with terrible luck may not have these exotics yet.

Now, thanks to the massive Shadowkeep update, players now have an easier avenue to guarantee access to these two great exotics.

To snag Le Monarque and Jotunn, Destiny 2 players will need to visit Ada-1 in The Tower to pick up two quests: A Giant's Might and Butterfly's Grace. These two quests will reward players with Jotunn and Le Monarque respectively. The quests are pretty straightforward and are essentially the same for each gun so they should be done at the same time.

For Jotunn, players will need to forge 10 weapon frames and defeat Vex with Fusion Rifles. For Le Monarque, players will need to forge 10 frames and defeat Fallen with bows. It will likely take a couple weeks of work to get the weapon frames needed to get these weapons, which is why it's recommended to grab both quests and work on them in tandem.

While Le Monarque was a bit of a lack-luster exotic, Destiny 2 players really gravitated toward Jotunn for its power, especially in PvP. The gun is currently bugged, causing Jotunn to be banned from the World's First race. For some reason it is pumping out way more damage to larger targets than it should, making it way too overpowered for the World's First race. Even when it wasn't bugged, the gun was fun to use and powerful in its own right.

destiny 2 jotunn giants might exotic quest

Previously, these two quests were locked behind the Annual Pass, meaning that players needed to buy the pass in order to participate in most of the Season of the Forge. Thankfully, the Annual Pass content is part of the free content given with Destiny 2: New Light, so players don't even have to own Shadowkeep or Forsaken to snag these cool exotics.

So far it seems Shadowkeep is a hit with many players. From sweeping quality-of-life improvements to a great and dark narrative, fans are enjoying their time on the Moon (or time back on the Moon for some players). Thankfully Destiny 2 has not had as many wide-spread server issues like it had on Shadowkeep's launch day, so players can play all the new content without interruption. Hopefully players can snag these older exotics and take them for a spin now that they are no longer tied to brutal RNG.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.