The launch of the Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2, as well as the FPS MMO's shift from the platform to Steam, has been rocky. Errors and random disconnects, in tandem with a significantly large playerbase all trying to log in at the same time, has led to congestion. To try and preserve Destiny 2's servers so that most, if not all, players could play Shadowkeep, Bungie implemented a queue. Today Bungie's taking the queue down.

In a post to the official Bungie Help Twitter account, a representative confirmed that progress had been made regarding Destiny 2's most infamous errors. BABOON, which indicated a disconnect between the player's client and Bungie's servers, was largely caused by congestion. WEASEL's been tied to an account attempting to log in at different locations at the same time, or Bungie's servers being able to log out a disconnected player before they try to log in again. Both errors are, or at least should be, clearing up as server congestion decreases.

The BABOON and WEASEL errors in specific were attributed by Bungie as causing players to enter a queue when signing on to Destiny 2. With them subsiding, Bungie is now confident in saying that "Players are no longer expected to encounter the sign on queue when logging in." It's unclear why congestion cropped again on Sunday, but so long as the issues seem to be resolved it's not worth stressing over.

It's important to note that Bungie isn't necessarily saying that Destiny 2's sign in queue is gone permanently. It obviously still exists within Destiny 2 should its use prove necessary once again. If there's another surge of player, if there's a denial of service attack, or if a Destiny 2 feature crumples and turns into a cascade of errors, the queue will be back. But for now, Destiny 2 players should feel confident going back into the game.

Recent server issues were especially frustrating due to the release of Shadowkeeps' first raid, the Garden of Salvation. Bungie held a contest for the Garden of Salvation and part of that was an in-game avatar for players who completed the raid within 24 hours. At least some players are asking Bungie to extend the time limit, but whether it's due to the server issues or just because they weren't able to complete the raid quickly isn't clear. Better luck next time, raiders.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.