As many of the first raid teams showed in the World First race of Garden of Salvation, the exotic sniper rifle Izanagi's Burden is currently one of the best PvE guns in Destiny 2 right now. But unfortunately, those wondering how to get Izanagi's Burden are likely in for a big disappointment because Izanagi's Burden is practically impossible to earn with the current state of Black Armory's content. This is especially true for new players to the game, which is much more common right now due to the free-to-play version of the game known as New Light.

The problem is that if players do not already have the Rekindle the Flames quest in their inventory prior to the release of Shadowkeep, it is impossible to get the Key Mold, which is a major step in completing the quest for Izanagi's Burden. Chances are that many of the players who already had the quest in their inventory already completed it. But those who are just now trying to get Izanagi's Burden are going to be completely out of luck.

Additionally, many players are finding it impossible to even progress their Mysterious Box and unlocking all the nodes from each Maximum Temper forge completion because many players are experiencing serious issues when trying to play the Black Armory forges. Many players are reporting on the Destiny subreddit that the Gofannon Forge, in particular, completely crashes the game when entering into its third round.

With the release of Shadowkeep, the forges are also in a playlist that rotates the forges daily. This has caused some issues with players having to wait for the right day to complete the forge they need. If they experience issues like forges crashing the game, they then have to wait for another full cycle before that particular forge comes around again in the playlist to try to complete.

Compounding all these issues with the forges, others are finding it difficult to find a Rare bounty let alone complete one with all the issues presenting themselves. While there is a huge thread on the Destiny subreddit about this issue, on Bungie's official help forum, the developer has said it is looking into the issues. However, no timetable as to when a fix could arrive was given.

This is a particularly unfortunate weapon quest to have an issue to this scale right now considering the fact that Izanagi's Burden is one of the most powerful and most popular weapons in the game right now. Some players consider it to be part of the best weapon loadout for Season 8. With the nerf to auto-reload mechanics and their synergy with grenade launchers, Izanagi's Burden has risen to the top to become one of the best DPS weapons in the game.

As Destiny 2 has experienced an influx of new players because of the free-to-play version of the game, New Light, and lapsed players returning to the game in Year 3, it looks like these players especially will be completely locked out from getting Izanagi's Burden until this quest is fixed.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.