Destiny 2 players are hard at the grind with the release of the Shadowkeep expansion. Part of that includes taking advantage of Destiny 2's Powerful Engram system, which rewards a piece of equipment of a higher Power level than the player's base for completing specific challenging tasks each week. However, it seems that at least one method of earning a Powerful Engram is currently bugged, based on current Destiny 2 player feedback.

Reddit user Hux22 posted that they'd recently "finished my 5 The Ordeal Nightfalls" but that they "didn't get a powerful drop." Completing Nightfalls in Destiny 2 should count toward two different Powerful rewards. There's the Vanguard Weekly Strikes task and the Nightfall: The Ordeal task, which should grant a powerful Pinnacle Engram. But according to Hux22, they didn't receive a reward above their base level at all, despite that it's supposed to be a guaranteed drop.

Hux22 isn't the only Destiny 2 player apparently having the issue. User Frostyler says they also didn't receive a Powerful reward above their base level. This was seconded by bLaCk_XxWiDoWxX, who added that their clanmates say the two tasks are bugged, with this sentiment also shared by additional posters in the thread. It appears that Bungie has a bug on its hands that may be affecting progression, albeit in a small way.

Speculation in the thread attributes the bug to a seeming connection between the Vanguard Strikes and Nightfall tasks. Some are claiming that completing one bugs the reward for the other. Others seem to believe it's specifically related to the Nightfall task, but odds are, if it was so simple a problem, Bungie would have already fixed it. It's possible that if people wait to complete these tasks, Bungie may eventually fix it. So players who can wait to play over the weekend may be better served to do so.

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There are, unfortunately, a lot of bugs going into Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion. It's expected, to a degree. Bungie is making broad changes to the overall experience in Destiny 2, and it's also taking on more burden as an independent publisher a massive-scale game. Needless to say, Bungie has plenty of work ahead of it. Hopefully, this bug will get squashed soon and Destiny 2 players can get back to progressing without any issues.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit