Destiny 2 players hoping to finish their Exotic Weapon quest for Izanagi's Burden have been languishing waiting for Bungie to address the problem. The quest has been bugged so that Destiny 2 players were unable to progress and finish it since the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion.

It took several weeks before Bungie acknowledged the issue in a recent This Week at Bungie. Today Bungie's offered another update, again delaying a solution for the Izanagi's Burden fix, but confirming it'll arrive with the next patch.

Update 2.6.1 will arrive next Tuesday and with it, Destiny 2 players stuck in the middle of the Izanagi's Burden quest will be able to progress. In today's This Week at Bungie post, community guru Cozmo confirmed that the issue had been resolved. More than that, it appears Bungie was able to break the problem into two distinct and separate issues affecting players in two different ways. Both of these issues will be fixed, Bungie's confirmed.

Complaints surrounding Izanagi's Burden have referenced one specific aspect of the quest. Namely, that the NPC Ada-1 is supposed to provide the player with the next step of the quest. Last week's statement from Bungie acknowledged this issue and now it's confirmed to be solved. A second issue has apparently cropped up, preventing players from abandoning the Izanagi's Burden quest on their alt characters. Players should now be able to do this, as well as retrieve the quest from Ada-1 later if they so choose.

To be fair, there are a ton of other Exotic Weapon quests in Destiny 2. Shadowkeep added several for returning players to hunt down and New Light free-to-play players have so many to go back and find from Destiny 2's launch and Forsaken. Izanagi's Burden is just one weapon, albeit a good weapon. Hopefully, all of the players stuck waiting for Ada-1 to figure the next quest step out were able to find something else to do in the meantime.

Destiny 2 patch 2.6.1 will solve several other ongoing issues beyond the two related to Izanagi's Burden. Starting Tuesday, Failsafe will once again have the Exodus Black destination quest for those who had abandoned it. A bug preventing players from completing the Silimar's Design Triumph has been fixed and will apply retroactively. Eris Morn's Lectern of Enchantment dailies will now appropriately rotate weekly. And finally, a bug that increased load times while previewing gear and traveling at the same time has been fixed. Every fixed frustration makes for a better game.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.