Who needs guns in a first-person shooter when you have WMDs for hands? The Pit of Heresy dungeon recently went live for Destiny 2 to go along with the festivities of the game's Festival of the Lost event. Of course, some guardians have already triumphed over the quest and claimed their rewards, but none of them beat the quest quite like Twitch streamer Gladd did — with melee attacks only.

To put into perspective just how difficult a feat like this is, the Pit of Heresy suggests that players be at 940 light before plunging its depths. This is the same level suggested by the Garden of Salvation activity, the latest raid to go live in Destiny 2. Events like this are normally tackled with a three-man fireteam, and if not, they're at least tackled with guns. But these norms are an insult to Gladd's gaming prowess, so he handicapped himself instead.

Gladd took on this endgame-level event by himself, and on top of that, beat it using nothing more than his guardian's fists (and the occasional sword since it's required to get through some of the Pit of Heresy's obstacles). When it came to the final boss, the dreaded Zulmak, Instrument of Torment, Gladd brought his fists to a giant sword fight, and, as the natural order dictates, he won. The endeavor took nearly eight hours to complete, and Gladd was slain multiple times before the outcome was definitively decided, but in the end, he persevered.

Gladd's loadout consisted of the MIDA-Multi tool, a Destiny 2 exotic weapon, and the MIDA Mini-Tool, a legendary weapon and the exotic MIDA's unofficial little brother. On their own, both weapons have the individual ability to boost the movement speed of the wielder when equipped. But when both guns are together, the MIDA Mini-Tool grants even more movement speed through a weapon perk called "MIDA Synergy." While his weapons increased speed, his armor loadout was set up to boost his recovery and resilience (or his ability to regenerate and take hits) — a great loadout for up-close encounters, allowing for Gladd to get in and out whenever needed.

The idea of beating Destiny quests and events through absurd means isn't anything new to the game. There have been people who have solo'd entire raids. Still, regardless of how often it might happen, it's always pleasantly surprising to hear that someone pulled off the feat in the first place. Here's to Gladd and his success.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Gladd/Twitch