Just like most other loot shooters, Destiny 2 relies heavily on RNG for many of its best gear. This means that players won't always receive a desired item like a certain weapon or armor piece, even after finishing a raid, strike, or other activity that it is associated with. The goal is to have the player continue playing the mission more than once, something which some reddit users are beginning to get fed up with.

The item in question this time is the raid exotic grenade launcher known as Anarchy. This powerful weapon launches sticky grenades that can chain arc damage between them, though players can only get it through completing the Scourge of the Past raid that arrived alongside the Black Armory. However, the Destiny 2 subreddit has started seeing posts from users with ridiculous amounts of clears and no Anarchy to show for it.

The latest post comes from HomewardBone who has cleared the raid 102 times and is more than frustrated at their poor luck due to the RNG mechanic. Other users have replied with similar stories and some who have outright given up at the lack of any sort of RNG protection after a certain amount of clears.

There may be some hope for frustrated players however as community manager dmg04 stopped in to say that he's taking the data to the developers. While he can't promise any sort of RNG protection to previously released raids like Scourge of the Past, he did confirm that the Anarchy is going to get a boost to its drop chances in an upcoming patch. Bungie is aiming to match the current 10% chance that One Thousand Voices fusion rifle from the Last Wish raid.

It's unclear how quickly Bungie is going to be putting out this fix as the current Season of the Undying is quickly coming to a close. It's likely that Bungie could opt to wait for the start of the next season, when a larger than normal sandbox update arrives alongside the new content. Not much is known about Season of Dawn outside of a new seasonal artifact will be replacing the current Gate Lord's Eye. All of that should be changing soon as players get closer to the end of season 8.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit