During Destiny 2's current live event, Festival of the Lost, if players can clear nine or more branches of the Haunted Forest activity, they will be rewarded with Pinnacle gear, which will allow them to push past the 950 Power level cap of normal powerful gear drops. But to clear nine branches within the 15-minute time limit of the Haunted Forest will take some planning and correct tactics to get through.

Of course, this is going to be way easier if players go in with a pre-made fireteam versus going into the activity with a matchmade team. But, either way, there are a good amount of tips and tricks to get the most out of a Haunted Forest run and to easily reach up to nine branches during this Destiny 2 event.

The main objective of the Haunted Forest is to move through areas and kill enemies to reach the 100% kills objective, at which point players will be transported to a boss room to face off against a boss. Slay that enemy and then players will reload into a new branch to repeat the process. Trying to get to the higher branches means being as efficient as possible, so players should keep moving to the most enemy-dense areas to quickly reach 100% kills. Keep moving and don't go back just to kill one enemy or to collect Candy, which will go to the Postmaster.

Next, players need to wear the Masquerader's Helmet to access the Haunted Forest, but players should also be sure to equip mods on their helmet, including special mods in the last slot that benefit players within the Haunted Forest. Every one of these mods increases the drop chance of heavy ammo in the Haunted Forest, which leads to the next tip. Players may want to equip a machinegun in their heavy slot and use it as a primary because of the abundance of heavy ammo. This will allow players to mow down enemies quickly and move through the Haunted Forest. Thunderlord is a great exotic choice, but well-rolled machineguns like Hammerhead, 21% Delirium, or Edgewise are also good here.

Besides that, players should tailor their subclass and the rest of their loadout for boss damage. Focusing on subclass perks that debuff bosses or buff the damage of players, such as Sunbreaker Titans, Nightstalker Hunters, or Well of Radiance Dawnblade Warlocks. Damage-dealing special weapons such as Izanagi's Burden or a well-rolled Tranquility sniper rifle can do well with bosses. Save all these supers and DPS weapons for the boss.

If players are having trouble, they should pay attention to the fact that the 15-minute timer pauses after clearing a branch. It does not activate again until players stand on the Vex plate to start a new branch. Therefore, players can pause at the start of each branch and let their abilities and supers recharge to be at peak status to quickly clear the next branch. Obviously, this will take time and will only work with a pre-made team, but is definitely a big help in reaching the later branches.

Festival of the Lost ends with the November 19th reset.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.