Once again, players in Destiny 2 have somehow found a way "cheese" their way through content, but this time it's a bit more involved and game-breaking than just standing on a rock to cheese a Master Nightmare Hunt for Pinnacle Gear. A player has discovered a glitch that uses the new Finisher ability to cheese almost any enemy in the game to death, as long as a few conditions are met.

In the video below, viewers can see how this Destiny 2 glitch can throw a raid boss to its death. Using what's demonstrated, it is possible to use the Yeet Glitch to bypass mechanics and solo content, which can lead to raid loot drops and triumph unlocks. For example, by using this glitch, Scourge of the Past's final raid boss, Insurrection Prime, can be solo farmed for a chance at dropping the rare and highly-sought-after raid exotic Anarchy.

Using Destiny 2's new Finisher mechanic, Destiny 2 players discovered they could "pocket" the finisher and then use it elsewhere. Doing so essentially copies whatever enemy is pocketed and then plays out the finisher wherever the player decides to unleash it. This "Finisher Glitch" can be used to push a number of bosses out of their maps and kill them in the process.

Additionally, if done in unique locations, the "trick" can be used to glitch through walls. Glitching through walls is a time-honored tradition to a lot of veteran Destiny 2 players, going back as far as glitching through the Vault of Glass, Destiny's first raid.

To start, the Finisher Glitch can only be done by Titans and Hunters. The glitch occurs when players melee before finishing an enemy. Players have to find a "sweet spot" just on the edge of an enemy's finishing range and then use melee to "pocket" the finisher. It takes practice, but players will start to get a "feel" for the range and if the glitch has worked after some time. Once the finisher is pocketed, using the melee ability again will unleash it. The finisher animation will play and the Guardian will punch, kick, or uppercut a copy of the enemy used to pocket the glitch. Players will want to practice trying to get the glitch to work by using the Calus's "Tribute Hall", which has unmoving, docile "replicas" of enemies that make great practice targets.

Using the Finisher Glitch, players can pocket a finisher and use it to push/toss other enemies into bottomless pits, which kills them. Simply pocket the finisher, get as close to the enemy as possible, and unleash it. Stomp mechanics will mess up some attempts from time to time and players will have to line up their shots to send the enemy in the desired direction, but eventually, the enemy will fly to their death.

If players are trying to use the glitch to kill a raid boss, they will have to make sure there is a nearby bottomless pit or kill zone and that there are also nearby adds to pocket finishers off of. Using larger enemies like Hive Ogres or Fallen Captains seems to provide better results, but at this time it's undecided how big of a factor that is. It may take a few attempts and wipes, but when a boss does fall off the map, some time will pass and then it will eventually die and loot will drop. Killing a raid boss this way may take the crown for beating end-level content in the "dumbest way possible", but it does deliver loot. Also, it should be noted that if there isn't a pit or kill zone to push an enemy into, then the glitch can't be used.

While this is a hilarious glitch, it is incredibly game-breaking, allowing players to circumvent content and acquire gear in unintended ways. Bungie isn't hands-off when it comes to game-breaking glitches, and the developers have disabled certain weapons and gear for being too game-breaking. Veteran players may recall Telesto allowing players to get super energy easily or the infamous Prometheus Lens "laser-tag" weekend. Both of those weapons were temporarily disabled while Bungie sought to fix the glitches, but it's unclear if Bungie would disable finishers as a whole.

Bungie hasn't yet addressed this glitch, and that may be because it was apparently found a while ago. Many players say that they were aware of the glitch shortly after Destiny 2: Shadowkeep dropped, but they held onto it until recently. Players looking to take advantage of this glitch should hurry before it is removed, but they should also attempt the glitch at their own peril. It is, at this time, unclear what Bungie's response to the glitch will be.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.