The Gate Lord's Eye seasonal artifact is designed to give Destiny 2 players powerful mods to use for the duration of Season 8. As players progress the seasonal artifact with XP and unlock the higher tiers of the artifact, more powerful mods become available. Some of these mods can have powerful effects, such as greatly decreasing ability cooldowns or applying debuffs to enemies.

A new glitch discovered by Destiny 2 players allows for two of the same mod to be equipped, which multiplies its effects. This can lead to some extremely powerful results, such as multiplied damage for Void supers and kills leading to insanely fast melee and grenade recharge rates.

This glitch only works with the seasonal artifact mods, and does not work with any other Armor 2.0 mods. To get two of the same mod on a piece of armor, players need to have one piece of armor that is completely empty of mods in the same inventory spot as the armor they want to apply the double mods to. For example, if players want to equip two mods to a piece of chest armor, they need another chest armor that does not have any mods equipped.

Players then need to equip that mod-less piece of armor. Then, when they inspect the piece of armor they want to put two of the same mod on, it will allow them. For an unknown reason, doing this bypasses the normal lockout mechanism that normally does not allow players to equip two of the same seasonal artifact mod.

While this can be done with all of the armor mods on the seasonal artifact, doubling up on all of them is not that effective. But mods that can lead to some powerful effects include Breach Refractor, Ballistic Combo, Disruptor Spike, Thunder Coil, and From the Depths. These mods work in particular because even though stacking these mods twice is unintended, doing so applies the rules of Destiny 2, which usually results in not just an additive stacking of effects but a multiplicative stacking.

Bungie will likely fix this glitch pretty quickly because some of the effects can be quite drastic, especially being able to get a grenade or melee ability back in just four kills or so (or even faster for players who have a high Discipline or Strength stat). So players who want to take advantage of this glitch should do so quickly before it is patched.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: MFW (via Ehroar)